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Our Story

(Republic of Korea, Army Instructors Group - Vietnam - 1968)

Established as Bateman Taekwondo in 1969

A "Pioneer of Martial Arts in America" and a pre-MMA era mixed martial artist in his own right, my father began his martial arts training in the 1950's, and would go on to train with the Republic of Korea, Army Instructor Group, training Allied Forces during the Vietnam War. 

He is recognized as the man who first introduced Taekwondo to the state of Alabama (1969) with a civilian program. Furthermore he trained local and state law enforcement officers, and U.S. Army National Guard.


Unique in his time, he was skilled in Taekwondo, but also earned recognition in Karate, Hapkido, Judo & Western Boxing. 

It was with this open minded approach and diversity of training that I would begin my own journey into the martial arts in the mid 80's.


The NXGeneration is born...

In 2004 we launched Team NXG to honor our family's commitment to quality, fighting martial arts without regard to race or financial class. NXG would go on to compete at the international level in Taekwondo.

Having spent years around the Southeast Asian community, I found a great love for Muay Thai (Muay Lao) and began to incorporate this knowledge into my training. Nearing the later part of the decade, I began training in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Wrestling.  

Having represented my father for decades, he encouraged me to follow through with my own vision to continue our developement into the future...



Having accumulated 30+ years personal martial arts experience at a relatively young age, our team began competing in not only Taekwondo, but Kickboxing, MMA, and BJJ Competitions as well. 

As a full expression of our experience, we became NXG Combat Sports were we proudly carry on a fighting legacy that spans more than 60 years!  

In Loving Memory of C. M. Bateman (1947-2016)